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Meet the Trainer

Trainer Qualifications

  • CIMSPA registered Personal Trainer Practitioner.

  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral.

  • YMCA Awards Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

  • YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate Instructing Group Indoor Cycling Sessions.

  • The Fitness Education Academy Boot Camp Instructor Certificate.

  • 15 years experience in sports and nutrition across a range of disciplines.

  • Community Sports Officer for Manchester Better Leisure.

Welcome.  My name is Aidan and I am the founder of Swolemate.

Swolemate is a project born from an ambition to change the way society views physical activity - to expand the idea of exercise from just a physical chore to an essential part of life that promotes mental health, social value and community.

Why I became a trainer.

Through my own experiences with exercise I have come to understand - on a very personal level, how physical activity can trigger powerful changes in the mind and provide a platform for personal growth and the development of positive lifestyle changes.


Exercise for me has always been about more than just the act itself, but about the growth in character that takes place as a result.  The euphoria that comes with the release of endorphins, the sense of achievement from experiencing improvement in your abilities, the boost in confidence and self-esteem that comes with attaining a goal that you perhaps didn't think possible, the development of resilience and the raising of the bar in what you can endure by overcoming resistance in both body and mind, the willingness to embrace challenge as a means of self-improvement.


As I hope you can sense from my words, I am a passionate champion of these ideals and a strong believer in exercise as the platform for achievement in life.  It was through my own practice of these principles and the subsequent turnaround it led to in my own life, that I made the decision to become a personal trainer with a focus on helping others achieve personal growth through the pursuit of their own physical goals.

As a trainer, I aim to enable others to experience the profound benefits of physical activity. This begins by firstly providing a service that encourages participation. I understand that embarking on any self-improvement - particularly exercise, can be intimidating and requires a great deal of courage. This is why I designed Swolemate - to encourage peer support and help alleviate potential barriers to participation in a format that is fun, accessible and rewarding.

I very much hope to be a part of your fitness journey by working together to achieve your goals - physical and beyond. I welcome everyone to also be a part of mine - as of writing I can be found breathing heavily on the trails of the Mersey and the roads of the Peaks as I train for my first attempt at the pinnacle of endurance racing - the Ironman triathlon!

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