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Corporate Fitness

Group fitness incorporating team building

Swolemate corporate fitness takes the best aspects of Swolemate's partner-based exercise format to deliver a complete team-building experience for complete team performance.


Based on Swolemate bootcamp, corporate fitness sessions are delivered as group personal training with a strong focus on collective success.  Your expert trainer will employ a range of body weight, resistance and coordination exercises designed specifically to challenge participants to work together as one cohesive unit.  This unique format thrives with participants of all abilities, as any difference is compensated for by the stronger individual - promoting a strong camaraderie from the very first movement.  


Swolemate Corporate Fitness sessions are available at a location of your choice (you will require a safe space in which to perform the session).

Maximum group size of 20 participants.


Prices start at £30 with block booking discounts available.

Make it a team effort.

Register your interest below and your Swolemate trainer will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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