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About Swolemate

Making Fitness Fun

Swolemate is a partner-based group fitness and personal training experience created by personal trainer Aidan Mac, operating online and locally in Manchester, England.

Manchester local personal training is currently available outdoors 1 - 1, 1 - 2 or small group.  Alternatively, Swolemate online personal training allows participants to continue to progress despite COVID-19 restrictions with effective home workouts.  Remember, Swolemate personal training services are priced per household to encourage partner-based participation and stay true to the Swolemate ethos - train together, gain together!

 Built on the principle of 'train together, gain together' Swolemate is an innovative new approach to fitness, specifically designed to encourage success by harnessing the benefits of peer support in a fitness environment.  This focus on collaborative success is practiced in both person and principle through the unique Swolemate partner-based exercise format that is fun, challenging and accessible to all abilities.

Swolemate offers a range of fitness training services available both locally and online - all of which have been carefully designed to be flexible to meet the needs of all participants and ensure the highest standards of delivery.  All Swolemate sessions enable participants to experience success and achievement from day one - regardless of ability.  Whether your goals are serious or recreational, individual or partner/team-based, Swolemate offers a superior fitness experience through expertly led instruction and the development of client knowledge, confidence and self-esteem alongside physical ability - with all the benefits of peer support!

For details on the content of each service, please visit the corresponding service page by clicking below and selecting the 'more info' button on the service selection menu.

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